Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Restful Christmas

My only goal this Christmas weekend was to relax and to catch up on my sleep. I can honestly say that I accomplished it. I didn't make it to church. I still need to be able to get to the bathroom real quick. There'll be next year.

I did make a special treat for Christmas morning. Saturday night I made potato dumplings. My mom made these when I was kid and it was one of my favorite dishes. She didn't make them very often because they took a lot of time to make and with eight in the family she had to cook a lot of them. The very best part we all loved was the fried dumplings that were made the next morning from the leftovers. Mmmmm!

Casey is enjoying one of his Christmas presents a friend gave him.

The weekend was cold and wet, but today was beautiful. So I went to see the geese that are wintering at the WRMC's pond. I get to see these every day going to and from work.

This is Sam the duck. All he's after is the food you're suppose to bring him.

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