Sunday, December 04, 2005


Last night I watched a program on Fox "Winning Iraq: The Untold Story". Unfortunately, I tune in at the last part of it. What I saw was really good. I e-mailed a request to the network to re-air it. I hope they do. It's rare to see what's really happening in Iraq on T.V. I mostly get the "real news" from bloggers.
This is the first war where we've had unprecedented first hand coverage of the war. We've have embedded journalists and blogs from soldiers fighting the war. So why is it that Fox's program is a rare thing? What the soldiers are doing in Iraq should be covered more by the MSM. But, nooo! The MSM get upset with the U.S. military's practice of paying Iraqi papers to run articles emphasizing positive developments in the country. Heck, why should the military be paying newspapers to run positive stories. The MSM should have been doing it all this time. Another reason why I watch Fox and not those other news channels.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for you kind comments on "Winning Iraq: The Untold Story." If you want to see it in it's entirety, we're re-running it on Sunday December 11, at 9p and midnight, eastern time.

Brian Gaffney
Executive Producer
Documentary Unit
Fox News Channel