Friday, December 30, 2005

The Stories of 2005

I'm joining in with everyone else in picking the stories of 2005 that I thought were most important.

1. Disasters: The tsunami a year ago, Hurricane Katrina and the Kashmir Earthquake. These disasters showed how generous Americans are. We've been accused of being a uncaring, rich, capitalistic country. But the outpouring of money and help has shown the world who we actually are. It has even changed some people's attitudes towards us. In Kashmir, a miniature Chinook helicopter, has become a favorite toy among Kashmiri children because it's associated with relief.

2. Deaths: Pope John Paul II. Although I'm not Catholic, John Paul has been the only Pope I remember. I've not always agreed with him, but I have admired him. Chief Justice Rehnquist. His death is going to allow President Bush to change the current liberal Supreme Court to a conservative, constitutional Court.

3. Iraq: The successful elections in Iraq makes the steps the U.S. made to get rid of Saddam worthwhile. While WMD's were not found, the birth of democracy in the Middle East if allowed to flourish, will in the long run make us safer.

4. The Economy: This has got to be the most unreported or mis-reported story. In spite of rising gas prices and the losses from Katrina the economy has been doing well. If you watched the news you'd think everything was going badly. It's too bad that President Bush doesn't get out more often and brag about the economy. Great article here!

5. Democrats and MSM. These people have gone so far left that they've disappear into la, la land. Their mantra, "the military is broken, a bunch of failures destined to lose, and going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, and women" is going to haunt them. Then there's the MSM's effort to topple the U.S. by handing out our intelligence secrets. I'm sure glad that the Justice department is going to investigate this.

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