Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year

I've started the New Year cleaning up the house. I've packed away all the Christmas stuff and started with clearing out the junk in my closet.

Bows, of course, has been extremely helpful with the boxes. This is one reason why I rarely buy toys for the cats. They much prefer boxes, paper sacks and balls of paper.

The problem with organizing and cleaning, once you finish one project, two more crop up. I just keep falling behind. A three day weekend isn't enough time.

Tigger is helping me with filling up the cat food container. I believe it passed the test.

One thing I've been watching is the fires out in Texas and Oklahoma. Arkansas is just as dry and susceptible to fires. December 2005 has broke the record for the least amount of rain for the month of December in Fayetteville. Our rainfall was over 15 inches below normal in 2005. I sure wish California would send us some of that rain.

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