Sunday, January 08, 2006

Busy Weekend

Boy! What a weekend. I've been busy but I don't feel like I got anything done. Casey started the weekend out wrong. He figured out how to dig under the fence and get into the next door neighbor's backyard. I only had a chance to do a quick fix, so Saturday morning he did the same thing. I was lucky both times. Casey didn't go far and came when I called (A Miracle!.) My neighbor instead of returning him to me or even calling Animal control just tossed him out into the street. When I confronted him about it he kept giving excuses. Basically, he's a slimeball, scumbucket of a human being.

I did a little more cleaning. I've been cleaning up the fireplace mantle. Tigger got a rare chance to play around on the mantle. He has this thing about getting on high places. He really wants to get on top of the roof. I'll have to let him just to see what he does.

Today I took the dogs up to Monte Ne. Beaver Lake is very low because of the drought. It has uncovered the amphitheater that was buried in the 1960's by the completion of the dam. The was a suprising number of people there. I thought there would be few people because I was there early in the morning. If the drought continues I'll have to go back and see how much more was uncovered.

More pictures and history

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