Thursday, January 19, 2006


I've been looking over the films and shows that won at the Golden Globe Awards. What a load of crap, garbage, and manure. Hollywood must really think the American people are so stupid to want to see the crap they've been peddling. Hollywood, get a clue! Nobody is watching this stuff. Studios have been complaining that movie receipts are down and they give awards to Brokeback Mountain ($32,074,517), Transamerica ( $510,766), Syriana ($44,260,777), and paradise Now ($1,090,107). Hey! What about The Chronicles of Narnia( $264,020,859) King Kong ($204,527,690) Harry Potter ($284,361,860) Chicken Little ($133,235,508) and Walk the Line ($98,254,885). Look at the movies people are actually buying tickets for. Not that garbage that tramples on our traditional values, moral fiber, heroes, and good old America. We are not going to see movies that glorifies homosexuality, transgenderism, communism and terrorism. You aren't going to force that crap down our throats. We just won't go to the movies. Hey, we have other entertainment options and apparently we are exercising them.

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