Saturday, January 21, 2006

Done! Finished!

As of Wednesday I am finished with my radiation treatment. I am so happy, relieved, and excited that I am finished. I still have to heal up from the latest treatment but that shouldn't take long. It felt like my life was on hold until I completed this treatment. It feels like I've just been set free.

I was feeling so good that I decided my bed needed to be brighten up. I got a bed set that was definitely said Spring. Tigger liked it so much, he promptly slept on it.

Bows is still eating even though she caught a cold. I received the venison and pea canned and dry cat food the other day. Bows like the canned food. Hooray! I was worried I'd buy this expensive cat food and she wouldn't like it. The box the food came in was immediately claimed as a toy.

This is a rare event. All three cats together. This occurred because they are waiting for food. Bows special diet makes it impossible to have a bowl of food always available. They now get fed twice a day.

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Laurence said...

Care to submit any of these to the COTC banner? Let me know. -ls