Saturday, January 21, 2006


I got up early this morning and froze my tush off to go American Bald Eagle watching. I went to Swepco Lake in Gentry. This lake is unique. It is a cooling lake for the Flint Creek Power Plant operated by AEP (American Electric Power). As a result, the water is warm year round so it's rich in wildlife. It's a perfect spot for the eagles to hunt. This year the lake was amazingly low because of the drought. Normally one would stand in a covered pavilion and watch the eagles, but I had to walk onto the exposed lake bed to see them. Usually when I go birding there aren't a lot of people around. Today the Audubon Society showed up. What a crowd. One group of people said they were there at dawn. I'm not that committed! I did see about 10 eagles. I didn't get any pictures of them because my camera just isn't that good. I need to save my money and get this. The lake with the steam rising from it looks pretty though.

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