Thursday, January 12, 2006

Our doctor's Visit

I started my High Density radiation on Monday. I was suppose to start last Wednesday, but the doctor's attempt to insert the probe hurt too much. Hey, 5 weeks of radiation has made everything down there hurt. Any way, I yelled(loudly) several times when he try to insert it. A doctor doesn't like it when their patient yells in pain with a roomful a patients in the waiting room. The nurse tried to tell me not to scream but to just breath. To which I answered, yelling made me feel better! He gave me several prescriptions ordering me to take them just before my next visit. He gave me a pain killer and "something to make me relaxed". Heh, heh, heh!

Well, it did work. I got through the first treatment. It had an unexpected side effect. I made me really exhausted. Every day this week I've come home, ate, do a few chores and go to bed. This has been the first night I've actually had some energy. Bad news though! I have my next treatment tomorrow. I'm really dreading it!

While I've been have my health problems, Bows has been having one of her own. She had not been eating since Friday. She's been throwing up saliva and hunching over as in pain. I decided to take her to a vet clinic that deals exclusively with cats. It was the smartest thing I've every done. The vet gave Bows the most thorough exam she's ever had. She look over the most recent history I brought with me and even has my other vet fax over some information.

The vet told me that she thought Bows had inflammatory bowl disease probably due to food allergies. To make a really definitive diagnosis she'd have to do a biopsy, but didn't feel that was necessary. I could just change her diet, have an occasional steroid for pain and if she got better then it would confirm her diagnosis. If it didn't help then she'd investigate further.

Bows is now eating although she is not too happy with the food. I've decided to try her on a venison and pea dry food. Of course, this is stuff I can't just pick up at the pet store. I'll have to get it from the vet or special order it. And talk about expensive! Bows had better give me a whole lot of loving!

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