Saturday, January 14, 2006

Beautiful Saturday

Friday I was very tired after the radiation treatment. I was able to tolerate the probe and was finished in no time. The radiation technician checked me out with what look like a Geiger counter. Am I radiating that much? I left work early and went to bed. Slept until 7 PM, ate dinner, cleaned up and went back to bed.

I was up early this morning. I went grocery shopping after breakfast. I like beating the crowds. After shopping I threw all the cats and dogs outside since it's so nice. Bows is eating better and decided to nap out on the firewood. I worked on putting a barricade around the bottom of the fence so Casey won't dig out. I hope it works.

Now I'm tracking a whole bunch of dirt into the house. I'll have to vacuum and mop tomorrow. I finish one choir and another one pops up.

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