Friday, January 06, 2006

I am amazed at how far President Bush's opponents will go to destroy him. The NY Times and NY Times Reporter James Risen have decided that Bush's attempt to safeguard the American people can be interpreted as being illegal. In their rush to find something to destroy Bush they've ignored history. America has been spying in some form or another before the founding of this nation. Every President has used their Constitutional power to spy on our enemies in a effort to protect the nation.

Risen's pathetic attempt to justify their actions only illuminates the motives of the people leaking the NSA's program. We know that people within the bureaucracy of the State Department and the CIA have clashed with the Bush administration. These bureaucrats believe that they are the ones in charge of the government and are angry that the Administration are setting policies and making decisions. Policies and decisions that they don't agree with. I'm not ruling out the possibility that some Democrat who knew about this program leaked this to the NY Times.

The NY Times has been trashing President Bush for years and were more than willing to partner with these people. It just demonstrates how low these people are. They have now crippled a secret operation that helped keep America safe from terrorists. These people are willing to do something illegal to get at Bush and would compromise the safety of the American people to do it.

I think the NY Times should pay the cost for turning their back on America. It's stock has already dropped 50% since 2002 and has become the worst performing newspaper stock in 2005. I think that it should get tanked, bankrupt and flushed down the toilet. I think those that would harm the American people for their own selfish agendas should suffer the consequences.

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