Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fayetteville, Parks & Recreation

Well, I think I really torqued a developer Monday night. He wanted to donate less than an acre of land and money for a high-density mixed used development. He was required to donate over 6 acres or money in lieu or any combination thereof. I said that having discussed with a few people I would like to have the whole 6+ acres. Oh boy! He was not happy with that. Any way, it lead to a big discussion of the how few parkland there is on the west side of Fayetteville, the needs of developers to make profits and the needs of a neighborhood to have a decent green space. It looks as if the developer can obtain other land elsewhere to donate. He's going to work with the P & R staff. I bet the staff of the Parks & Recreation are really sorry that I'm on the committee. Anyway, we're having a special meeting next week which I hope the developer and city staff come up with a solution.
What I don't understand is why a developer submits an proposal that obviously isn't acceptable. The Parks & Recreation have written criteria for accepting land so the developer should have known he'd get some opposition.

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