Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Outdoors is Calling

Light blogging this weekend because it's so nice that I'm spending it outside. Casey, Trixie and I have had a couple of nice hikes. I am spending most of the weekend getting dirt in my fingernails. I've gotten my lettuce, potatoes, swiss chard and onions planted and most of the beds weeded. The front lawn has been mowed too. I didn't do very much spraying with Roundup because it has been too windy. I've done enough to declare the weekend successful.
On a sour note, one of the histotechs called me Sat. morning. The ***&&^% machine had errored out again. Fortunately, I was close by so I dropped in on the lab. I got it up again (maybe) and left a call to technical support. Guess what I going to be dealing with Monday morning?

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