Thursday, March 15, 2007

March 15th

Oh Boy! Am I tired! I've had a very long day. Well, the machine that broke down at work will be fixed tomorrow. We will have to play catch-up on our specimens, but it should be all sorted out by Monday.

There was a special meeting tonight of the Parks and Recreation Committee. First item was the development by Hank Broyles which we tabled last week so the Park staff could work something out with him. They did work out a nice arrangement. Hank purchased 6+ acres from John Nock further south along Owl Creek. It adds to the Park's plan to have a 25 acre park on the West side of Fayetteville. Hank even kept the small parks he originally had in the development. Very nice of him!

The last item was a request to put a cell tower in Walker Park. It generated a big discussion. The cell tower would generate some money for the city. Several members were interested in receiving that money. I, however, was not happy about it being placed in a natural area of the park. Also do we really want to start a precedent of putting cellular towers in our city parks? Thankfully the committee voted down the tower.

Matt Mihalevich, the Park's trail coordinator, told me that Clabber Creek Trail was walkable and that the official grand opening will be sometime next month. I've got to try it out this weekend.

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