Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mark Pryor Lost His Award

Well, I am just going to have to take back the Kudos Award I gave to Sen. Mark Pryor. I will instead give him the Twit Award. I can't believe the stupid idea that fell out of his mouth.
"My strong preference would be to have a classified plan and a classified timetable that should be shared with Congress," Pryor said yesterday. A public deadline would tip off the enemy, "who might just bide their time and wait for us to leave," he said. "Then you'd have chaos and mayhem and instability."
Pryor said a classified plan would be provided by the president, shepherded by Senate committees and ultimately shared with Congress and Iraqi leaders. He is confident that the plan would remain secret, because Congress is entrusted with secrets "all the time."

Come on! Members of Congress will be scrambling over each other to blab it first to the New York Times. In fact, it really doesn't matter what date gets set. The terrorists know that the Democrats want to leave by 2008, so all they have to do it wait until 2009. They are probably so confident that the Democrats will control the government that they are planning chaos and mayhem bashes starting sometime in 2009.

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