Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Those Machine Blues

Yesterday was not a very good day. That #$#%^& machine at work broke down again. I managed to get it started again, but when I came this morning it had stopped again. Fortunately one of the technical support guys was in Little Rock, so he was at the lab this morning. He pulled two microscope slides out, one of them broken. Anyway, he thinks he's got it truly fixed now. We'll see.

I put my truck in the shop yesterday and pick up my rental. It's all right but I miss my big leather seats and steering wheel. This SUV is a bit cramped. I also miss the garage door opener button on my truck's overhead consul. Yeah, I left the remote in the truck. I dawned on me when I drove up in my driveway and realized I couldn't open the garage door. Man, I haven't used that thing for several years. Picked up the remote from the repair shop on the way home. OK, I'm pulling out the wine and having a little drink.

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