Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fayetteville, Southpass Project

I went to the meeting where I got a peek at the proposed plans for the Southpass project. I was really truly and impressed by the presentation by Urban Design Associates. This project is a public/private development which encompasses 1,000 acres. It will be composed of 5 parts. Eastside Flats where most of the shops and restaurants will be. A Mill district which will take care of the water run-off and looked a bit like Venice with lofts lining a canal. Cresent Park, which would be mostly mixed housing. Kessler Bluffs which would occupy the flatter part of the bluffs and will look similar to Eureka Springs. Lastly, Southpass Park, with about 200 acres of parkland housing playing fields,pick-up fields and outdoor theaters/pavilions. Another 200 acres will be conservation, mostly along Kessler Mountain where most of the hiking and biking trails will be. This project will take about 10 years to complete. They will be building up the park first. The park will eventually be hosting baseball and soccer tournaments. It will probably have cycling and frisbee tournaments too. The park will bring in people who will start drawing in the shops and restaurants. The hope of the City and the developers is to make this a real gem of the region.

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