Sunday, March 18, 2007

NWA Blogger Bash

I showed up at the NWA Blogger Bash at the Celtic Grill. Boy, was it really crowded. I went up to the girls taking names and asked about Matt and Bloggers. Nope, didn't know them. While I was contemplating which direction to look first, Ryan and Heather show up. Well, we go around asking people for Matt or bloggers. Man, I swear, there a quite few people who thought they were comedians. You'd be surprised how many guys told me they were Matt. Dumb-asses! One guy told me that if I didn't find Matt to come back because he needed a date. No way was I coming back to that table! Sheesh! Few people in bthe place knew what bloggers were.
Any hoo, I talked with Ryan and Heather a bit, and decided to leave. The table wait was a 1/2 to 1 hr. Ryan and Heather decided to stay and according to Ryan did finally meet up with the others. I decided to do some shopping while I was in Bentonville, so I hit Belk. Man did I hit the jackpot! They were having a really big sale. I got me a couple of outfits, 50% off. So, while I was disappointed about missing the blogger bash, I found comfort in a clothing sale.


BloodSpite said...

Sorry we missed you, Val. We found Ryan around 8ish and he told us you had left when we couldn't be found (Turned out we were at the table across from them :P)

Anyway I linked you today in the Blog Bash story and I'm sorry we missed you!!

rita said...

Sorry we missed you!