Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alcohol in NW Arkansas

At last! Sam's Club has finally gotten it's liquor permit. Yeah, yeah, people complained because they think Sams is going to undercut the local liquor stores. They may lose some customers, but they were really sticking it to people because they had no where else to go. Now they do and liquor prices may become more reasonable.
Benton County on the other hand is dealing with a different liquor problem. It's battling bootlegging. Can you image that? People selling beer out of their homes. Why are people doing that? You just have to go few miles north to Missouri to get your liquor.
Rodriguez, a Tyson Foods Inc. employee, told officers through a translator that he supplements his income by selling the beer for $ 1 a can, nearly doubling his profit from the cases he said he purchased from Macadoodles liquor store across the state line in Missouri.

It may be a good reason for Benton County to go "wet". If they have liquor stores at least they can monitor who's buying liquor. Of course, teens are always going to try to buy liquor any way they can.

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