Thursday, July 26, 2007

Construction on Wedington Drive

I am so ticked off at the Arkansas Highway Department. They are going to do road construction at NIGHT! This is a residential neighborhood! What twit would build roads at night when families are trying to sleep? I didn't get any sleep at all last night. They had dump trucks coming in all the time, the generators were right by my house and noise they made rattle windows and dishes.
I call the Highway department, and they told my Jeff Stroud was in charge. I asked that he call me but I don't think he is. The people I spoke with didn't really seem to care. Their attitude was "we don't care" and "screw you".
I need to figure out how to get some sleep while they're working. Somehow I've got to drown out the noise. I have ear plugs, but they didn't work. I'd sure welcome any suggestions.
There might be a positive side to all the construction. If I get mad and irritated about it, I'll be energized to do what I need to move out of here.

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