Monday, July 16, 2007

Fayetteville, Woodstock Community, Neighborhood Meeting

Well, I went to the meeting for the residents concerned about the Woodstock Community development. Hank Broyles had the whole team there to answer any questions. Boy,were there a lot of questions! Everyone got to really look at the development and address their own particular concerns. I was impressed that the development team was patient with everyone's questions.
I'm not really happy about living across a commercial development. Particularly one in which the buildings are going to be 4 stories high. The first floors are going to be businesses and the remaining floors condos. That means people will be able to look down into my backyard. Ugh!
Even though I'm not happy with this development something worse could have been put in, a strip mall, gas station, or a Lindsey apartment complex. We'll see what happens. Once it's built and I don't like it, I can move. Maybe this development will increase the value of my home enough for me to be able to afford the house I'd really like to live in.

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