Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NWA Times Editorial, Getting it Wrong

I had to read this editorial twice because I could believe what I was reading. How could a newspaper editor get it so wrong?
There has been talk recently of converting a south Fayetteville locale — where environmental contamination remains a major worry of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality — into yet another city park.

He's talking about the former R&P Electroplating Inc place in south Fayetteville off Armstrong Road. Hugh Earnest sent a letter to the Fayetteville Parks and Recreational Advisory Board informing them that he was working with a development company that could possibly give some of the land to the Parks. In particular he mentioned the "possible construction of a trail head as well as improved access to the West Fork of the White River." This is all very preliminary and no plans were submitted. Who knows, things may not work out for the company. Hugh was kind enough to keep the Advisory Board informed. The Advisory Board took no action whatsoever on that property.
There was no need for the editor to go ballistic and complain about too much green space and not enough commercial development. I'd really like to know where this "talk" has been coming from. As far I know it hasn't been coming from the City of Fayetteville.

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