Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Columbia University, President Bollinger, Ahmadinejad

Well, they did it. The Left have given Ahmadinejad his platform to promote his propaganda. They gave him a world stage to spew his evil. President Bollinger gave Ahmadinejad a microphone and a prestigious stage. He legitimized Ahmadinejad's fanatic rantings and ravings. Since when has the pros and cons of terrorism and genocide been legitimate subjects to debate?
I don't care what scathing introduction Bollinger gave. It sounded contrived, for the benefit of his critics. He described Iran as the enemy and yet he gave American's enemy the stage, audience, prestige and credentials.
What was worse was the student's reactions and applause for Ahmadinejad in the background. That appalled and scared me the worst. The student's approved his hatred of the Jews and America, his hatred of freedom, his use of terrorism and the killings of women and gays. These students should have been taught not to embrace and support tyrants like Ahmadinejad. They should have been taught to fight and oppose tyrants like him everywhere.

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