Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Start 'Plaining Governor Huckabee

The Club for Growth have been hounding Mike Huckabee on his tax and spend record in Arkansas. They have now set up a web site outlining his economic policies while Governor of Arkansas.
Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has taken to calling himself a “fiscal conservative,” but who ever heard of a fiscal conservative who raised taxes and spending through the roof while governor of Arkansas? Mike Huckabee is also calling himself “a different kind of Republican,” but that’s just a codeword for a big-government Republican who wants to cover up his tax-and-spend record with folksy talking points and one-liners. Sorry Tax Hike Mike. No dice.

It might make the more conservative Republicans back off of Mike. At some point Mike is going to have to explain his tax increase record while Governor of Arkansas.

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Mike Smith said...

I wouldn't place too much credibility in the Club for Greed's obsession with Mike Huckabee. After years of neglect, our roads and State Parks were in shambles. Huckabee saw the need and brought the measures, not before the legislature, but before the people of Arkansas (AR Constitution required funds to be allotted prior to work beginning on road construction). We knew how bad our roads and parks had become and we voted overwhelmingly (80% margins on both measures) to improve our state.

Governor Huckabee saw the need, brought the conditions before the people, and allowed us to make the decision--that's leadership. The Club for Greed is not concerned with how many accidents occur in AR due to poor road conditions. The Club for Greed is not concerned that our recreational facilities were not being maintained (why should they care about bass fishing in AR), they don't care about the basic services of Arkansans that only the government can provide (bridges, trash pickup, sewer services, building clean bathrooms at State Parks, improved roads, better schools). They don't care if a bridge collapses in Minnesota. No, the Club for Greed is not worried about people, the Club for Greed is worried about keeping the entirety of their own inherited fortunes.

Gov. Huckabee cares about people and making sure that government works effectively and efficiently for the people--sometimes being a leader requires making tough decisions--sometimes being a leader means listening to your citizenry and not a group out of Wasington.