Thursday, September 20, 2007

Immigration Reform, Federal or State

States being over run by illegal immigrants are trying to cope with the criminal and financial problems they create. Arkansas has more than its share of illegals and a group of legislators are studying the effects of illegal immigration on the state. However not every one thinks the state should get involved in something that is the Federal government's responsibility. State GOP chairman Dennis Milligan
"The party's position on immigration, coming from me, the chairman, is that is a federal issue that has got to be determined by the president and Congress," Milligan said. "They've got to come to a meeting of the minds. Anything that's done internally statewide (through) legislation is probably going to have a difficult time ... trumping federal law."

Yes, it is the Federal government's responsibility. However, Congress and the President(s) have done little to enforce immigration laws. They have decided to hand out citizenship as if it were candy and leave our borders unprotected. State Rep. Rick Green, R-Van Buren
said it is too soon to say what kind of legislation, if any, may result from the interim study, but he said in the absence of immigration reform at the federal level, the Legislature has a responsibility at least to study the issue.

What are states like Arkansas to do? We can't afford to keep letting illegal immigration get out of hand.
But with both the executive director and the chairman of the state Republican Party speaking against immigration reform at the state level, the party leadership appears to be at odds with Green and other Republican lawmakers who say the state may need to act on immigration.

The whole Republican leadership from the national to the state level are out of step with local Republican legislators. The Democrat and Republican leadership are looking at the illegal immigrants as potential voters. That's not how we in the local towns and cities see them. We see them as criminals, deadbeats on the government dole, reducing salaries, taking our jobs, crowding our hospitals, taking our children's education, and insulting our laws. I think it time the Republican leadership remove their lips from the illegal's rear and return to taking care of the American citizen's concerns.

Blew steam off this.

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