Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fayetteville, Sam's Club Opening

I managed to pop in on the ribbon cutting of the new Sam's Club in Fayetteville. As you can imagine most of Fayetteville's leadership was on hand to welcome the opening. Sam's Club will be generating a lot of revenue for Fayetteville. I popped in later for lunch to check out the store. It's pretty much laid out like the one in Bentonville. I think it's a bit smaller. It does have the deli which has a few prepared meals, very nice. It has the gas station and the gas appears to be the cheapest in Fayetteville, but I think it's still cheaper up north. Well, it close to work and home, so I may be shopping at this store instead of the one in Bentonville.
This store is a bit unique. It sits next to a ecologically sensitive area, Clabber Creek. Sam's Club has work with the Audubon Society and Sierra Club to protect the land and a few endangered species. This retention pond cleans water coming off Sam's Club before it is dumped back into the creek. A lot of the cleansing is done by plants specifically planted for that purpose. It looks a bit disturbed now but within a year it should look gorgeous and be a beautiful site for bird watching.

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