Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ron Paul, Fruitcake

The Ron Paul supporters had a booth at the Washington County Fair. The booth was a bit strange and I thought the people manning the booth was just as odd. I'm sort of listening to the GOP debate on Fox. Boy, Ron Paul has lost his mind. He just went off the deep end with the liberal talking points. I can't believe that he's a Republican. He's talking more like the Democrats. Do they have him on these debates just for comic relief?

Editors note: You'd think I'd learn to spell.


Karl said...

Yeah he's a real fruit cake voting against the war and the patriot act and any other big government power grab. What a wacko!

bbartlog said...

Fairly typical - you call Ron Paul names, but don't actually address any of his arguments. His presentation wasn't great tonight (a little too agitated) but he still offered a legitimate antiwar viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has 35% of the post debate poll and has a huge lead over Giuliani at 17%. What a nut! LOL