Saturday, January 12, 2008

Annie in Fayetteville

Last night I went to see Annie at the Walton Arts Center. Fortunately, the night was cool and not freezing. It was a full house, nearly every seat was filled. There were an awful lot of kids that got to stay up way past their bedtime. The play was very charming, a very good play to take kids to see. This isn't the best Broadway play I've seen but it was fine. The part of Ms Hannigan was done by an understudy who flubbed up a couple of lines. More practice!
While Mr. Warbucks was telling Annie that he loved her (a tear-jerking minute), a number of us were chuckling. I can only image what the actors were thinking. When Mr. Warbucks told Annie he loved her, a little voice in the row behind me chirped, "I love you Mommy and Annie too". You would have laughed too! This night was definitely for the children.

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