Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Not Voter ID?

I truly don't understand this. Democrats are always the ones complaining about election fraud, but refuse to do anything meaningful about it.
"I oppose any effort to make voting more difficult, regardless of the impact on turnout," Rep. Steve Harrelson, D-Texakana, said Monday after being informed of the study.
(Dale) Charles said requiring a photo ID would dilute the election process and keep poor people and many blacks away from the polls.

One would think that Democrats would like to stop the voter fraud that they claim is occuring. The idea that the process of getting a voter ID card would prevent mostly poor people and blacks from voting is a bunch of crap.
"You're required to have a photo ID to get a library card, buy a video from Blockbuster and get on an airplane, but you're not (to vote) for president of the United States. How sad is that?" said Rep. Jon Woods, R-Springdale, who co-sponsored the bill.

Jon is right. How much of your day to day living requires a photo ID. What Is the real reason why Democrats don't want voter ID? Is it because they know the process would reveal that they are responsible for the voter fraud they consistently complain about?

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