Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's Going On?

I'm having a really busy week so I'm doing little blogging. I've been in Little Rock the past couple of days helping out with a lab inspection. I drove down Monday afternoon, which was a good thing since I was able to miss out on all the ice problems on I-540.
I finally got to see the duck parade at the Peabody. Ok yes, they are cute. I had a really nice dinner with a group of technologists from Texas. One of them was into dog sports like me so we could talk about our dogs. I really enjoyed inspecting a lab that had everything together. (OK, I enjoyed it while the lab supervisor was a bit anxious.) It was nice to have an inspection go smoothly and I only offered a few suggestions and ideas. I like sitting down with other techs and talking about issues we have to deal with in the lab and what we do to resolve them. I even managed to pick up a few ideas to incorporate in my office. This was probably the best inspection I have done.
I drove back late Tuesday to find everything had iced up and my trash not picked up. (It didn't get pick up today either). Any way, I'm really behind in catching up with the news. It's particularly difficult when the political and economy news is changing so fast.

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