Sunday, January 06, 2008

Arkansas, Ripping Off Charity

Was this what state legislators wanted to do charities?
State taxes are cutting away at the money once raised for local charities, said post quartermaster Randy George.(Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Springdale)
The money raised through the game funded two to five $500 college scholarships each year before the state taxation. Only one scholarship was offered in 2007 because the bingo game raised less money, he said.

It appears that the state is the only one making money from charity games. It's taking money from the people these charities help. Legislators definitely need to take a look at how much tax they are collecting.
The church( St. Bernard of Clairveaux Catholic Church in Bella Vista) is going to try its first bingo game Thursday and hopes to hold it twice a month, said parish manager Ray Brust, a church deacon. "I was taken aback when I realized the state was taxing so much," he said. "I'm not really sure why the state felt like it needed to get involved in taxing the games." The church plans to use any money generated by the game to help needy people in the community and continue financing several area nonprofits.

I don't think the state is in such desperate need for money that it has to take it from needy people.

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