Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton, Controlling the Economy

"I'm from the government and I'm here to help". Hillary Clinton hopes to say that to us.
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said that if she became president, the federal government would take a more active role in the economy to address what she called the excesses of the market and of the Bush administration.
Mrs. Clinton put her emphasis on issues like inequality and the role of institutions like government, rather than market forces, in addressing them.

Man, that just really scares me shitless. Can you imagine the Federal Government meddling with the economy? (More than it does already). Her plan is a sure guarantee to push the country into a recession. I wonder if she'll go as far as
Hugo Chavez?
President Hugo Chavez threatened on Sunday to take over farms or milk plants if owners refuse to sell their milk for domestic consumption and instead seek higher profits abroad or from cheese-makers.

How about Clinton telling you the salary you can have, how much you can charge and what you can buy? Just watch your freedoms drain down the toilet if Hillary get into office.

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