Friday, January 04, 2008

The Iowa Caucas

Oboy, it's been on the news all weekend long. The Iowa Caucus and what it means. I conclude after listening to as much as I can stomach, nobody can really guess what is going to happen. I think one of the biggest surprises was how bad Hilary did. It's just going to make the Democrat race more interesting. Will Hillary get down and dirty?

Huckabee's win wasn't a surprise and from what I gather he's probably not going to repeat it. I'm not particularly happy about his win. He's a Christian socialist. He's "Big Government" compared with the Republican's "Little Government". I'm afraid his approach to every problem is going to launch another government program with an increase in taxes to support it. He's extremely liberal and George Will is comparing him to John Edwards.
He and John Edwards, flaunting their histrionic humility in order to promote their curdled populism, hawked strikingly similar messages in Iowa, encouraging self-pity and economic hypochondria. Edwards and Huckabee lament a shrinking middle class.
Although Huckabee and Edwards profess to loathe and vow to change Washington's culture, each would aggravate its toxicity. Each overflows with and wallows in the pugnacity of the self-righteous who discern contemptible motives behind all disagreements with them,

It's not good when a Republican is noted to share the same message as John Edwards.
I think this is what I want to ask the Republicans in Iowa.

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