Monday, October 23, 2006

Arkansas, Voting Problems

On Thursday, it was reported that Benton County was having problems with their ballots. They hadn't received any of 80,000 ballots ordered for the upcoming general election. The ballots come in this afternoon, but they started early voting today without them. Voters coming in to vote could only do so on the voting machines. Benton County still has to send out absentee ballots which were supposed to be in the outgoing mail beginning Oct. 13. There are concerns that some absentee ballots might not get returned in time to be counted. Greene County is said not to have gotten their paper ballots today.
What is it, 14 days before the election? We're just starting early and absentee balloting and there are already problems? Do you get the feeling that voting on Nov. 7th may be a disaster? Can you guess which elected official selected the company(ES&S) to provide the voting materials against the advice of his own committee. Yep, Charlie Daniels!
For God's Sake, People! Are You Going To Let This Incompetent Twit In Office Again!

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