Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Asa Hutchinson & Mike Beebe, The 3nd Debate

This debate was heated! Ouch, it was really hot. Yikes, they both were on the attack! Asa's agenda was to show that as governor he was going to show leadership. He started and closed talking about leadership.

The hot issues; education, illegal immigration and the grocery tax. Most of what they said has been what they have presented before. Mike Beebe said that there will be no more consolidation of schools. Asa said that was unlikely since the bureaucracy that closed schools will still be in place. Beebe ranted about how it was going to be impossible for Asa to eliminate the grocery tax. The constraints of the budget won't allow it. I think the budget conditions will never be right for Beebe to cut the grocery tax let alone eliminate it. Beebe attacked the federal government on illegal immigration, the catch and release program. Asa has offered ideas on illegal immigration, unlike "blaming others" Beebe. Asa is doing what some other states are, coming up with solutions and not relying on the federal government.

I sort of enjoyed this debate. I already knew their positions on issues. It was entertaining to hear them attack each other's positions, especially Beebe. I swear, a couple of times, it sound like he was foaming at the mouth. While that will encourage his strong supporters it might not go over well with those still undecided or wavering. For all of Beebe's ripping Asa, the winner was Asa Hutchinson!

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