Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mark Foley Shake-Up

The Mark Foley story is shifting so quickly, I still trying to figure it out.
Mark Foley has already resigned because of the truly outrageous messages he sent to pages and/or interns. Now it's an issue of what did the Republican leadership know and when did they know it. It also appears some reporters (probably including Brian Ross of ABC News) and other political groups (Democrats?) know who and what are behind the timing of the Foley revelation and are protecting that aspect of the story. It's becoming apparent that this is just part of the political crap that appears every election cycle.

It's interesting how the two partys handle their scandals. Each party has their leakers, womanizers, boozers, and racists in Congress. What I find interesting is the Republicans are quick to dump the offender and also try to throw their Republican leaders overboard too. Democrats seem to be able to hold on to their offenders and also get them re-elected. Republicans, calling themselves the Party of Family Values, are sensitive to their base which insist their morals be upheld. The Democrat Party is not under such moral restrictions from their base. They are of the opinion that morality is relative. The question for Republicans is will their tough stance help them in the elections?

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