Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mark Foley vs Harry Reid

The Democrats should have been very careful about jumping all over the Republicans about Mark Foley's inappropriate e-mails. They should have just accepted Foley's resignation and not demanded Dennis Hastert's head as well. Captain Ed has the full story on Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid's financial improprieties.
Now we have the Democratic caucus leader dodging disclosures and failing to disclose $800,000 in profits from a project on which he partnered with a lawyer suspected of connections to organized crime and a bribery scandal. And let's not forget Reid's connections to Jack Abramoff, whom Democrats tried mightily to use as a poster boy for Republican-only graft:

While the Republican's have their skeletons rattling around in closets, the Democrats have theirs. The Republicans have dealt with Foley. Will the Democrats do the same with Senator Reid? Will we see Senator Reid resign? Probably not, which will show the differences between the parties. The voters will take notice too.

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