Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mike Beebe, Violating the First Amendment

In an effort to hide his role in the Nick Wilson scandal, Mike Beebe has violated the 1st Amendment rights of American citizens and has threaten a TV station with legal action if they ran the ad. AP
Jonesboro television station KAIT decided Tuesday to pull an ad by the Coalition for Arkansas' Future that tried to tie Beebe, who served 20 years in the state senate, to disgraced state Sen. Nick Wilson.
Ted Fortenberry, the station's vice president and general manager, said the decision was made after Beebe's campaign attorney sent a letter asking the station to pull the spot, calling the 30-second spot inaccurate and unfair.

Fortenberry would not comment on the reasons why the station decided to stop airing the spot.

Wright said he was pleased the station decided to pull the ad. The campaign on Monday asked stations to pull the ad.

Now really, is this the kind of governor we want. One that suppresses the rights of citizens and tries to intimidate the press. The tactics that Beebe is pulling occurs in countries with dictators, not in America.
The Nick Wilson ad is one of a series of spots run by the coalition criticizing Beebe. Kathryn Cherry, the group's executive director, defended the ad.

"Public debate is essential to important issues facing our state," Cherry said. "It is unfortunate that Mike Beebe is trying to exert legal pressure to stop an ad that is 100 percent accurate

That is why Beebe is trying to stop the ads. They show the truth. However, just because a TV station bends to Beebe's pressure doesn't mean others will. Here is the video. God Bless a Free America!

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