Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Whew! Mike Beebe is a Liar!

This Sunday, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette came out and supported Mike Beebe for governor. Yeah, like that was a really big surprise, NOT! What's really hilarious is why they liked Beebe.
Mike Beebe has promised to "eliminate" the grocery tax, too. During our interview with him, he told us so in the most emphatic tones, just before explaining with equal emphasis why it couldn't be done: The state doesn't actually have a projected $ 720-million surplus but only a $ 360-million-a-year surplus. Much of that money is going to have to go to improve school buildings per court order, and there are lots of ways to spend the rest, too. General Beebe would eliminate the tax only in phases that we suspect would never come.

There it is. Mike Beebe is lying about "eliminating" the grocery tax. What a relief! It would be unthinkable for a Democrat to actually cut taxes to help the poor.
So Mike Beebe looks straight at the camera and promises there will be no more consolidation on his watch ! Happily, we find it hard to believe him. Because he's always been open to reason and progress where education is concerned. There comes a time when you just have to trust a politician's insincerity. So let's call Mike Beebe's little deviation on this issue campaign rhetoric and discount it.

I bet they got really worried when Beebe so emphatically stated that he would not consolidate schools. But not to worry, Beebe has no intention of keeping his promise. Whew! He'll make sure more students suffer and more school administrators pockets get plumper.
For all these reasons, and with a hope and a prayer, our choice for governor of Arkansas is Mike Beebe.

My fervent prayer would be that the one man who is honest, sincere, and really concerned for Arkansan's welfare instead of their own wealth and power would be elected governor. Ahhh, that wouldn't be Mike Beebe.

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