Monday, October 23, 2006

Mike Beebe's Past, Nick Wilson

Responding to Mike Beebe's criticism of his leadership abilities, Asa Hutchinson has brought up Beebe's own leadership past.
In a Little Rock news conference, Hutchinson criticized Beebe for his failure to take a leading role in fighting Wilson as he defrauded the state of millions in taxpayer dollars. Despite Beebe's repeated claims to have challenged Senator Nick Wilson, Hutchinson said, the record shows that Beebe actually opposed efforts to discipline Wilson and others in his clique.

I've read comments from other bloggers about Mike Beebe and Nick Wilson. Mike Beebe is said to be part of this "good old boy" network that did back-room-style deals and doled out taxpayers dollars to their buddies. Many thought that Mike Beebe should have been convicted along with Nick Wilson.
Specifically, Hutchinson pointed out that:

1) As a Senator, Beebe is on the record voting to override Governor Mike Huckabee's veto of the legislation creating the scam defrauding the children's fund.

2) Beebe is on the record opposing public calls to censure Sen. Wilson, Sen. Mike Todd, and other colleagues who were members of the group involved in the scandal.

3) Beebe is on the record opposing public calls to evict his colleagues from the Senate even after they were convicted of felonies.

I wonder if people are going to really care what Beebe has done? Most die-hard Democrats will vote for him even if he was the devil himself. Democrats have no problems with electing their corrupt politicians to office. I suppose it might matter to those who aren't decided yet. In a close race like this, it could swing enough undecided voters away from Beebe. The next two weeks are really going to get interesting.

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