Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jim Lagrone, AETN Debate

I'm listening to the Secretary of State debate on AETN. Jim Lagrone is throwing out fact after fact on how elections are being done in Arkansas. Charlie Daniels is fumbling all over the place trying to deny that there are any problems. He's defending ES&S to the hilt. Boy, ES&S sure got their money's worth from Daniels. Rebecca Tyson has accused Jim Lagrone of having a negative campaign. She challenged how he can do that since he's a preacher. Jim responded that he was telling the truth, which is not negative and telling the truth is part of the Christian character. This panel is hostile against Jim, but he's handled it very well.

Jim did a very good job in showing that he knew the facts, he's talked with the local election officials, and he's very concerned about the votes of Arkansans. Daniels was defensive, trying to blame everyone else for the voter problems. I'm not sure who he's insulting when he says we're still getting use to the system. We poor, stupid voters, or the computer illiterate election workers, or the fumbling county election officials or the company, ES&S. Everyone is to blame expect Charlie Daniels. The hallmark of bad bureaucrat and poor leader.

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political_sniper said...

Bravo!!! You hit the nail on the head. Ol' Charlie fumbled in this debate just as he has fumbled his entire career. Remeber, it was Bill Clinton who asked Charlie not to run for land commissioner. If Charlie was too crooked for Clinton, then he is certainly too crooked for the rest of Arkansas.