Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bailouts, Who's Next

We're heading toward bailing out the financial institutions to a tune of nearly a trillion dollars. GM, Ford, and Chrysler now have their own bailout
A bill set to be passed by Congress and signed by President Bush as early as this weekend—separate from the controversial Wall Street bailout plan—includes $25 billion in loans for the beleaguered Detroit automakers and several of their suppliers.

So, who's next in line to get a bailout from the American taxpayers? Oh wait! Here they come!

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Hardtack said...

Part of me wants to step up and be next in line. After all, if the government is bailing out people, then we (the taxpayer) needs to be in line also.

Thinking about it, it could be people who overspent on their credit cards, bought too big of a car (SUV?), have difficulty meeting their mortgage, or even having kids in college.

You are right, when does it stop? When do foreign countries step in and demand their share as our economic mess (that Congress instigated) impacted their respective economies?