Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Barack Obama, Too Smart For You

The Pew Research Center has noted that "Palin's Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden, has become the virtually forgotten candidate, registering at only 5% last week." The Obama campaign probably wishes he would just disappear all together.
At a rally in Flat Rock, Michigan, Biden slammed ordinary Americans by letting us know that
"All this stuff about how different Barack Obama is, they're not just used to somebody really smart. They're just not used to somebody who's really well educated. They just don't know quite how to handle it. Cause if he's as smart as Barack is he must not be from my neighborhood."

Biden's comment really lets us know how the elites in the Democrat Party feel about the ordinary American. No wonder they are bound and determined to have the government control our lives. We are just too stupid to take care of ourselves and only people like Obama can be allowed to be in control of the government. Note also that Gov. Sarah Palin was described as a "bucket of fluff". Boy, women across America are going to really appreciated being insulted like that.

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