Wednesday, September 24, 2008

National Day of Encouragement

Rats! I missed it! The idea was created at Harding University and spread nationwide with President Bush taking part along with
resolution signed by the U.S. Senate.
"It was amazing that the high school students at last year’s National Leadership Forum came up with this," said Nancy Retherford, a National Day of Encouragement volunteer at Harding University. "Each group agreed that problems facing teens include peer pressure, sex, drugs and alcohol. While discussing these, they came up with negative criticism as what the cause of all those problems and decided that what they needed was positive encouragement."

It's not easy to offer encouragement. It's much easier to criticize. I've heard it takes 10 encouraging moments to counter 1 criticism. It's great to see some of our local students efforts lead to a National Day. They just didn't complain about the problem they did something about it. The real challenge is to encourage some one more than once a year. To encourage some one every day would be a great habit to cultivate.

National Day of Encouragement

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