Monday, September 15, 2008

Arkansas, Make It A Felony!

I have never cried over the opinion pages much less a cartoon on the opinion page. There was, at first, the absolute shock of such a graphic picture and then the understanding of what emotions Harville was producing. I applaud the editors of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for actually putting the cartoon on the page. There may be some that would object to such a vivid picture, but there is no denying that it produces extremely strong emotions.
We have monsters living among us. They know that they can go on a killing spree and only be slapped on the wrist. What is in the minds of these people that would take small, sweet defenseless kittens and kill them in such a horrendous fashion? What about a state that would make it acceptable that such barbaric acts deserve only a slap on the wrist. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editorial remarked that it's time for legislators to do their duty. Actually, it's time for Arkansas citizens to hound their legislators to act for the helpless animals that God has given us to care for. It's time for us to stop the lies of the Arkansas Farm Bureau and to make sure that our legislators listen to the people instead of the unfeeling monsters of the Farm Bureau.

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Irradiatus said...

Oh. My. God.

And I thought I'd seen it all in Arkansas. That article is horrific (but kudos indeed to them for printing it).

I'm originally from that part of the state. I grew up fifteen minutes from Springdale. As shocking and stomach-turning as it is, I can't say I'm really that surprised.

I actually wrote about this sort of disregard for animal life among rural (read: redneck) folks just the other day. I witnessed a pretty horrible and pointless creature murder.