Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From Beef to Beans

The fact that the rising cost of food is the result of Congress’s moronic mandate for ethanol production is old news. I do find that Tyson's projection of a skyrocketing chicken consumption a bit alarming. I'm in the same boat everyone else is; beef have just become too expensive. I get a shock just looking at the price of hamburger. I've been eating more chicken, particularly the less expensive parts such as thighs and legs. What concerns me is how much the demand from China and India will affect prices.
(Richard Greubel)He said that growing middle classes in China and India will push demand for processed chicken there beyond what those countries can produce locally, thereby increasing demand for export chicken in other parts of the world.

I am not going to start eating hot dogs and Spam. I ate that while I was a starving student and I swore that once I started earning a salary I was rarely if ever going to eat them again. I may have to start eating more beans. Ozark Natural Foods does have a really great dried curry split pea soup. I wonder if other people will be doing the same thing. Mmmm, maybe I should look into the Beano stock.

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