Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gov Sarah Palin's Speech

Gov. Sarah Palin exceeded my expectations. Her speech was absolutely amazing, even more so considering she was dealing with a faulty teleprompter. No, she doesn’t have the oratorical style of Obama, but she has the ability to connect with middle class America, an ability that Obama doesn’t have. Gov. Palin has a friendly, open face that welcomes people. Nothing like Obama’s stern, sour-puss face. Her description of her family makes it plain she is one of us. She represents the life I and my neighbors lead. She also faces the hardships that we have too. Tears welled in my eyes when she told the special needs families that she would be their advocate in the White House.

I like how she deftly and humorously attacked Obama. Humor is acutely absent from Obama’s campaign. When I listen to Obama’s speech last week, I couldn’t believe how depressing it was. I swear if the country was as bad as he said it was most people would be committing suicide. We’ve all have had bad times, but we work hard and keep at it and eventually things get better. America’s history is rich with the hard and good times. Obama has turned the “I Have a Dream” speech to “I Have a Grievance”. I like how, with a sense of cheeky fun, Gov. Palin ripped into Obama’s lack of executive experience, his egotism and vanity, his utter emptiness hidden beneath his eloquent speeches. Her sense of laughter and fun is in direct contrast to the Obama’s campaign of gloom and doom.

Together, Govs Giuliani and Palin painted a different picture of America. One that works hard overcomes adversity and looks with hope to the future with laughter, joy and sense of optimism.


Anonymous said...

You obviously have feelings of sympathy for kittens.

What about wolves?

Valerie said...

The predatory wolves, inside the Obama Campaign, who have been devouring the American poor need to be taken down.