Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Word to Add to the Dictionary

Victor Davis Hanson has created a new verb. Palinize: to slander and caricature a working-class female public figure for the noble advancement of liberalism.
Being a mother of a Down syndrome child, raising five children, rising, without money or family influence, to the governorship on an anti-corruption and commonsense platform, in addition to trying to run the largest-sized state in the union, critical to both the energy and defense security of the nation, all that should have made liberals and feminists, if reluctantly, nevertheless appreciative of her success in a mostly male political world.

All of my life women have been fighting to be able to do this. Some of Helen Reddy's song "I am Woman" keeps running through my mind. "I can do anything, I am strong,I am invincible". It would seem that according to the liberal Democrats, is doesn't apply to all women. It's just for the select few they have chosen. Sarah Palin is not one of their chosen.

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