Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gov Beebe's Global Warming Commission, Screw Arkansans

Last week the Governor’s Commission on Global Warming decided that we, the working people trying to make ends meet, can go to hell.
By an 11-10 vote, the Governor’s Commission on Global Warming recommended Thursday that no new coal-fired power plants be built in Arkansas until at least 2020, when new technology could reduce carbon emissions.

The Commission really meant to say was that coal plants will never, ever, ever be built in Arkansas. They are part of the environmentalist terrorist group that has determined that America is never going to produce the energy it needs. If the poorest in America has to suffer, it doesn't matter because they have to save the earth from global warming, a fraudulent hoax perpetuated by corrupt scientists and politicians.
If Gov. Beebe is going to go with the Commission's decision, I want him to make the announcement in front of these people.
(Jon Woodward) He said most of the calls for food are from people who are "near homeless"and facing dilemmas such as choosing to pay the electric bill, buy gas to go to work or buy food.

Gov. Beebe, I want you to stand in front of us that are struggling and explain why you are not going to provide us with coal plants that will give us affordable energy. Explain to us why you would deny a company that would provide us with jobs. What are you going to tell those who can't pay their electrical or gas bills? What are you going to tell parents whose children are shivering from the cold because they don't have the money to provide them with heat? Are you going to tell them they should go hungry instead? Do you have dreams of a higher political office? What are you go to tell the American people that are clamoring for an energy policy that makes sure we have affordable energy? What about ensuring we have enough energy that makes us independent of foreign nations that hate us? Who are you going to serve, the ordinary citizen trying to make a living or the environmentalist wackos?

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Ryan said...

My first thought when I read that we'd have no new coal plants in the state was "Whoo hoo! More nukes!" but somehow I suspect that wasn't what they had in mind. :(