Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Renaissance Parking, Temporarily

Thank you so very much John Nock and Richard Alexander for listening to the complaints of the public.
For the temporary lot, commissioners required bike racks, repair of the curb on Mountain Street and College Avenue along the project frontage, that damaged pavement on Mountain Street be repaired to provide two striped lanes, removal of all construction debris, grading, planting seed or sod and evergreen shrubs as a buffer, and removing the existing foundation pit.

The developers have been very good in developing other projects around Fayetteville. I am please to see that they are still considerate of the citizens of Fayetteville. I know some people have been extremely harsh in their criticism of the Renaissance Tower, but I am glad that they have been able to show good faith that they are still pursuing the project. I’ve always understood that the developers were subject to economic issues over which they had no control. I’ve been hopeful that the developer’s stated commitment to the project meant that the project would eventually be completed. I just didn’t like to have such an eyesore at the southern entrance to Fayetteville, particularly just off the Square. I hope that the income they receive from the parking lot compensates for filling in the hole and putting in the lot.

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